Nonprofit Law, Policy and Practice: Evolution and Evaluation, ISTR, 24 26th oct 2013, Seoul, Deadline for submission March 31th

The 8th ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Conference. The third sector in the Asia Pacific region is very large and dynamic − it is claimed that China and India have 1+ million third sector organizations. The major growth in the third sector in Asia had been in the 1970s and 1980s – during the prodemocracy movements. The third sector activities and organizations, in the recent past, have also been influenced by many tax laws e.g. in Australia, Japan, Korea. Sadly democratization and recent extremist activities have prompted new legislations constricting the third sector in many countries. Laws affecting the third sector in the Asia Pacific region having been in existence for about 150 years have grown rapidly in the last two decades. Is this development for better or for worse? Call for paper until 31th March


  • Government, laws, and the third sector
  • Tax regime and the third sector activities
  • Third sector and policy making: Impact and Evaluation
  • Wellbeing/welfare systems and the role of the third sector
  • Non-profit history and ‘her-story’

OTHER CONFERENCE THEMES (Indicative, not exhaustive)

  •  Collaborative governance and its implications to the third sector
  •  Profit and non-profit sector partnerships and policy implications
  •  Innovations in third sector governance
  •  Environment, sustainability, and the third sector
  •  Social enterprise


Comparative studies are encouraged, as appropriate.