30 ans de monnaies sociales et complémentaires. Thirty Years of Community and Complementary Currencies

Bringing together 17 new research papers from around the world, this special issue celebrates thirty years of community and complementary currencies, and assesses their impacts, potential and challenges. Edited by Jerome Blanc (voir les articles publiés dans le numéro 324 Recma à l'occasion de ce colloque organisé à Lyon les 16 et 17 février 2011)

IJCCR 2012 Vol 16 Special Issue Complete


  • Editorial Thirty Years of Community and Complementary Currencies Jérôme Blanc D1-4.
  • Democratizing Money: Historical Role of the U.S. Federal Government in Currency Creation Saul Wainwright D5-13
  • Selling Scrip to America: Ideology, Self-help and the experiments of the Great Depression Sarah Elvins D14-21
  • Tax Anticipation Scrip as a Form of Local Currency in the USA during the 1930sLoren Gatch D22-35
  • Community Currencies as Integrative Communication Media for Evolutionist Institutional Design Makoto Nishibe D36-48
  • A comparison in transaction efficiency between dispersive and concentrated money creation Nozomi Kichiji and Makoto Nishibe D49-57
  • Does Demurrage matter for Complementary Currencies? Hugo Godschalk D58-69
  • Economic activity without official currency in Greece: The  hypothesis, Irene Sotiropoulou D70-79
  • Sustainability of the Argentine Complementary Currency Systems: four governance systems Georgina M. Gómez D80-89
  • Moral Money – The action guiding Impact of Complementary Currencies.
  • A Case Study at the Chiemgauer Regional money. Christian Thiel D91-96
  • Solidarity economy between a focus on the local and a global view Krister Volkmann D97-105
  • Stroud Pound: A Local Currency to Map, Measure and Strengthen the Local Economy Molly Scott Cato and Marta Suárez D106-115
  • Local exchange trade systems in Central European post communist countries Jelínek P., Szalay Zs., Konečný A. D116-123
  • An Empirical Study of the Social Effects of Community Currencies, Hiromi Nakazato and Takeshi Hiramoto D124-135
  • CC Coupon Circulation and Shopkeepers’ Behaviour: A Case Study of the City of Musashino, Tokyo, Japan Ken-ichi Kurita, Yoshihisa Miyazaki and Makoto Nishibe D136-145
  • A two-marketplace and two-currency system: A view on business-to-business barter exchange Melina Young D146-155
  • Emerging trend of complementary currencies systems as policy instruments for environmental purposes: changes ahead? Hélène Joachain and Frédéric Klopfert D156-168
  • Trophic currencies: ecosystem modeling and resilient economies Marc Brakken, Preston Austin, Stephanie Rearick and Leander Bindewald D169-175